Guided Project 3 - Hacker News

Hello - just sharing my project for motivation, as well as looking for tips on how to improve it.

Thank you!
Hacker News .ipynb (18.1 KB)

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Hi @cameronz

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ community. The project have been well worked on, the explanations and observations are very informing . The code lines are well presented and has thus rendered desired output; Have got few humble suggestions;

  • Your project is lucking a title which is very key when working on any project. Remember through the title a reader will get to know a rough idea on what your project is all about.
  • You can consider working with comments. Sometimes it’s not that easy to tell the role of all code lines, but with the comments a reader can easily grasp the flow of your code lines.
  • Check the styling , and I don’t think having explanations in bold is a good approach, otherwise this will make it difficult for the reader to notice some of your sub headings like the one presented as ‘conclusion’ .

Otherwise congratulations mate for the good work. Wishing you the best in your upcoming projects.