Guided Project 4: Exploring EBay Car Sales Data - Stuck at 'date_crawled', 'last_seen', 'ad_created'

Hello, Dataquest Community! Hope that you are doing well on the path of working with Data.

I stuck at the Guided Project 4, Screen 5. My question is should I divide the years, months and days of ‘date_crawled’, ‘last_seen’, ‘ad_created’ columns the way as registration year and month were divided? Or are they asking me to do something else?

Link to the mission: Learn data science with Python and R projects

Python file is below:
Basics.ipynb (123.0 KB)

By the way, I will be more than happy if you comment on my other mistakes or give suggestions. I believe in Dataquest supremacy :sweat_smile:

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Hello @AyanZholdybayev,

When you say “divide” do you mean extracting the first ten digits so as to only include the date? If so, yes, that appears to be what you should do for this screen.

By dividing, I meant to create 3 more columns for last_seen day, month, year and like this for other 2 columns . If only the date, so that’s okay, I understood.