Guided Project 4: Heavy Traffic on I-94

Fellow data nerds - here’s my project notebook for this guided project working with the I-94 highway data. I appreciate everyone who posts their notebooks, it’s so helpful to have something to reference when I get stuck. Hopefully this will help someone else as well. If you want to leave feedback - you’re awesome, if not - you’re awesome anyways. Happy learning!

Basics (1).ipynb (461.7 KB)

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Hi Peter

Your project looks very nice, thanks for sharing it! I still have to do it myself since before the projects on data visualization were very different :slightly_smiling_face:

I liked a lot of things in your work: good overall structure, the goal and the link are clearly staated in the introduction, perfect emphasizing throughout the project, great storytelling, observations, and conclusion.

Now some suggestions:

  • There were several SettingWithCopyWarning throughout the project that need to be fixed.
  • The code cell [8]: to avoid code repeating, it’s better to create a function for these graphs.
  • Visualizations in general. You might consider despining and, in some cases, de-ticking them, always adding a title, increasing the title font.
  • The code cells [16] and [20]. It’s better to use the parameter alpha here.
  • The code cell [21]: probably the code comment here could be more laconic.
  • The code cell [25]. I would remove this long table, it’s difficult to percept, and this information was already shown on the graph.

Hope my ideas were helpful. Good luck with your future peojects, and happy learning!

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I ran into the problem of “SettingWithCopyWarning” as well (guess we all did since they are all the suggested codes from the left hand window). Took me quite a while to figure out how to avoid this message. To do that, I avoided using the assignment command and instead used “insert” to insert the new column into the DataFrame. Hope this helps!