Guided Project 4

Please review and give an honest feedbacks

Basics (5).ipynb (451.9 KB)

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Hi @lukeayobami56

Congratulations on finishing this project. It would be great if you can mention the name of the guided project while sharing here.

Same goes with the introduction in your project. I couldn’t find the name of the guided project. If I hadn’t done this project before, I wouldn’t be able to figure out more about the project easily.

Coming to the project, it would be better if you could add title to the scatter plots. It makes the plots self-explanatory. Also, if you can leave some of your observations from these plots after each plot, that would also be great for easier reading.

For histogram also, titles and labels will create better readability.
Also, you have used range=(0,5000). In certain plots there are no histogram. Maybe they are outside this value. Please have a look and try full range.

Rest looks good. But if you can add more conclusions from each plot and summarise it at the end, that would be great. Also, please include titles for the plots.

I hope this helps.

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Ok good, I will try work on it again and make the corrections you highlighted.