Guided Project 5: Euro_USD Exchange Rates Visualization over Major Economic Events

Euro_Dollar_Exchange_Visualization (1).ipynb (572.7 KB)

This is my project looking at major economic world events and their potential impact on the US Dollar to Euro conversion rate. Would love any and all feedback

Thanks :grinning::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Kyler,

I like the chart! Nice job coding all that into onto one digestible visualization.

Some constructive feedback:

  • You use headings as the first few words of the following paragraph. It’s generally recommended to use headers to describe the section of the project so that the project is skimmable.
  • Add a header to your finished chart describing what the whole is. ‘Major World Events and their Impact on Euro to USD Exchange Rates’ or something along the line. A subheader that is a major takeaway or insight would also add value.
  • Maybe there’s a better way to show the x-axis values? I’m not sure how much value they add in the storytelling in their current form. A little too much information.
  • On the largest graph in you viz you have a gray bar highlighting something just before the housing crisis. What is this calling out? Definitely try to make that more apparent.
  • Be sure to rerun your notebooks one final time so all the line numbers sequential - you go from 16-99. Just a good habit to get into for presentation purposes.

Great job!

Hi @kevindarley2024

I went ahead and made those modifications. This was a tough project. I managed to do this without referring to the solutions which was a personal challenge of mine. I’m interested to see what the solution says now. Looking forward to what you think. I need to move on to my next project now :sweat_smile:. I’ll definitely circle back a bit later.

Euro_Dollar_Exchange_Visualization (1).ipynb (572.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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