Guided Project 5, final draft

Hello. I’m ready to finish this project and a few last things to look at.

  1. I have one version that corresponds to other DQ projects, where I do a few markdown cells discussing the data cleaning. The other version skips all that. Which do you prefer?

Project 5 Trimmed

Project 5 Full

  1. There are two warnings that are driving me crazy. I have tried to fix both. One is the FutureWarning: The default value of regex will change from True to False in a future version. warning. You can see that I tried to add regex=False and regex=True. Neither changed anything. The other warning is only in the full version. UserWarning: FixedFormatter should only be used together with FixedLocator. You can see that I have tried ax.set_yticks, but this scrunches up the y-ticks on the bottom.

  2. For the map images I could not figure out how to add a text line on the bottom to match the other graphs. When I did so it change the image. There is no transform=fig.transFigure for plt.. It’s OK though, the whole map thing was a long shot anyway, so I’m glad it turned out as well as it did.

  3. This one really bugs me! How do I get this to display without the code cells in nbviewer or some other browser platform? It looks so much more interesting without the code cells, even for someone reviewing the code. I have been trying to use the Hide Input extension in Anaconda, under Configurable nbextensions. No love. Please help with this one.

Euro on FOREX-Trimmed.ipynb (661.4 KB)

Euro on FOREX.ipynb (927.5 KB)

Thank you!

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I was able to get rid of FutureWarning: The default value of regex will change from True to False in a future version. by changing
x_rates.columns = x_rates.columns.str.replace("[","").str.replace("]","", regex=False)
x_rates.columns = x_rates.columns.str.replace("[","", regex=False).str.replace("]","", regex=False).

regex=False has to be the third argument in each replace call.