Guided Project 5: Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Hello Everyone, I trust we are all doing great?

This has been an exciting experience so far. I had been so eager to learn Matplotlib and I am happy to start the journey with this project. I explored some options on my own and tried to pin down the exact days the July 2016 construction took place. I also tried to understand Nighttime traffic on Fridays when compared to other nights, including some overall traffic patterns at dawn and dusk.

I am always happy to receive feedback on how the project can be improved. Cheers to more learning opportunities :rocket:

Here is the link to the Last mission screen:

notebook.ipynb (919.8 KB)

Link to the notebook file on Github

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Great work @israelogunmola
I’ve really enjoyed going through your project.

  • Well Explained: You have given us explanations in every part and it is easier to follow through and understand. what is happening
  • Interesting visualizations: Your visualizations are aesthetically amazing :fire:

An issue with filtering warnings:

For me I don’t like ignoring warnings because it usually gives us a hint on FutureWarnings and some important warnings like SettingwithCopyWarnings which can be important if you catch them early and rectify them instead of ignoring all warnings at a go.


Thank you for the feedback @info.victoromondi . I am glad you liked the project. I will also consider your suggestions for dealing with the warnings in my future projects :+1:
Thanks again :grinning:

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