Guided Project 5: I-94 Heavy Traffic Volume Indicators

Hi Data quest friends,

This is my guided project in the Data science track (data visualisation).

It would be great to receive feedback and comments on the following:

  • Overall flow / story telling
  • Data analysis
  • Effective usage: Data visualisation techniques
  • Effective usage: Pandas

Link to the Guided Project Lesson

Dataquest Lesson

My Jupyter notebook file below:

Click to View the Jupyter Notebook


Hello @shas ,

I recently completed a similar project, and it was an exciting experience to go through yours. I love the conciseness of your introduction, including the Dataset information segment. You did not use too many words, yet you conveyed precise details about the dataset :rocket:.

You used informative visualisations with well-captured observations that led to the next steps in your analysis. I also admired how you pinned down the exact days in July where the drop in traffic activity was observed :+1:.

I think you did this very well, and I would love to make some additional suggestions based on some of my observations:

  • You could consider importing all your libraries into one code cell before commencing your analysis. (I noticed you imported your visualisation libraries much later after importing pandas).
  • This might be a matter of personal taste, but you could limit many of your dataframe outputs by displaying only the head. Your graphs already do a fantastic job of telling us the story behind the numbers :wink:
  • The notebook starts from cell 225, haha. I believe this must have been an oversight, but a quick restart of all the cells should fix this.

Again I want to say well done; I couldn’t help but notice the well-informed and straightforward conclusion. Cheers to learning more on the platform :rocket:


Thanks @israelogunmola for the constructive feedback. I will incorporate your suggestion as it fits.

Just went through your project share post, and I have bookmarked it for the high quality visual presentation - You have done an amazing job - As they say :slight_smile:

Picture speaks a thousand words

You are right in terms of curiosity and learning through these projects - It’s akin to investigative journalism.


I cannot agree more :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you for going through my project and sharing some feedback. I look forward to more interactions through your projects.:rocket:

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