Guided Project: 538 Star Wars Survey

Hi All,

I am sharing my Star Wars Survey guided project for any thoughts, comments, tips etc. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks alot!

Happy New year!

Star Wars Survey.ipynb (206.0 KB)

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Hi @jmerrell247

I am much pleased with your project, the introduction, use of markdown cell, the comments, the conclusion are so informative.
The story telling part is just on another level. Most of your explanations are so enjoyable and I found myself going through them over and over again. Like the explanation you gave on the divide between those who replied for the survey(cell[12]), the closing sentence :grinning: that is ,It’s like a fan of a book not reading the first chapter!
Congratulations for the good work good work indeed and wishing you a Happy New Year too.
Happy coding!

Hi @brayanopiyo18,

Thanks a lot for your kind words, Very much appreciated. All the best to you!

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