Guided Project: 6 Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi Everyone

Here’s another project from the courses on Dataquest. I am using the guided project on Cleaning and Analyzing employee survey exit data.

Please take a look at my work and let me know about improvements. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

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@johnndammy congrats :handshake: on completing your project. Great work BTW!

I’ve got a couple of pointers that should hopefully help to improve your project.(please click on triangle bullet points for the detailed feedback.)

Presentation Style
  • You have a very detailed introduction, which I would recommend that you put in an Introduction sections. I would also recommend the addition of a Conclusion section which summarizes your findings. Most TL;DR (too long;didn’t read) readers are after these sections.
  • For the headings, I recommend the use of markdowns to reduce the font size of the titles to differentiate between the main title and the other sections.
    will get you
    More markdowns can be found here.
  • For cells [6] and [7] you attempt null values. I recommend the use of a library called missingno. It simultaneously helps to see all the columns you have and the null values. Below is a table with more than 5,000,000 records and the null values in it.
  • For your plots, I recommend the addition of various colours. Variety is the spice of life!. So make your plots spicy :hot_pepper:
  • Once you’ve mastered plots, I suggest that you transpose the axes for the plot in cell[42] so that the labels are in the y-axis and the values are in the x-axis, it makes reading the plot easy.
Coding Style
  • Really liked your comments. They are short and precise.
  • I haven’t delved too much in to your code, as most of your outputs seem aligned to the expectations.
  • I did see a few spelling mistakes, like the title
    image. Keep a lookout for those.
  • Once you have mastered plots and visualizations, I recommend adding more of those. Its what most readers are after.

Keep doing what you are doing. Its great :fireworks: work, let keep it going!

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Thanks a lot mate, I’d work on that

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okay so I just want to stay working on my past works again, could you elaborate on the exact places they are inaccuracies and bugs also the coding style can expatiate on that also?

@johnndammy, I don’t think there were bugs per se, just a few spelling mistakes. I’ll have to do an entire reading to find them, and it has been a while. I would suggest that you go over it yourself. Proofreading is good practice for all projects.

Alright, i would go through it
Thank you

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