Guided Project: A Titanic Undertaking - Creating A Kaggle Workflow! (With Six ML Models - Fun For Everyone!)

I got carried away with this project. I want to change careers into data science/analysis, and I constantly feel like I don’t know enough, so I dove head-first into this and ended up learning an absolute TON about models and hyperparameter tuning. There is just SO much information that goes into machine learning, it’s insane. I did my best to make this as organized and readable as possible. I hope it’s helpful to others! Please let me know what you think I could improve on! :slight_smile:

TitanicWorkflow.ipynb (575.3 KB)

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Hey! I know this is very old and you may have moved on from this platform, but I think the dropna() in select_features should have axis=0 instead of axis=1. It took away many of the columns that could be useful to each model.

Other than that this must have taken while to get all organized and look as clean as it does. Your project helped me understand how the models you used compare to the other ones.