Guided Project: Analysis of EUR-USD exchange rates before and during Covid-19

Hi DQers!

I completed this project a while back. The project by itself wasn’t really complex. However, the work involved in getting the data-viz up was significant.

I’m really happy about being able to create the plot. I felt it looked wonderful. But that’s just me!
I would appreciate any feedback to help improve my work.

The file:
Quick Analysis of EUR-USD Exchage Rates from 2016-21.ipynb (1015.2 KB)

The last page of the project: Learn data science with Python and R projects

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @jesmaxavier ,

I think this is a very concise yet informing project. I observed you de-emphasized most of the other segments of the work to clearly draw attention to that fantastic visualization in the middle of everything.

You mentioned that you devoted a lot of time to this; Oh my God! It paid off. I love the visualization, efficiently informing, and your results were well explained too. That comic sans looking font for the years :star_struck:. I am guessing that you used a shade of red in the tooltips for the 2020 period (as opposed to the green and yellow one you had used for previous years) in order to highlight the EUR/USD performance during COVID right?

I also took some time to study the code used for the visual. I think it is easy to follow and understand. I saw some significant efforts to make the code more efficient, e.g. (assigning hex codes into variables from the get-go, single line conditionals and loops etc.).

There’s only one thing I want to point out. The graph title contains an extra 'above' in the sentence. I am sure it must have been a typo, but I just wanted you to be aware:

EURO USD Rates were above Above average during Covid-19

There is so much to learn from this project, and I would take some more time to study it more. I am sure I can pick many ideas for my future submissions :wink:. Thanks for adding those learning resources at the end. You rock!

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@israelogunmola, thank you for your review and your kind words. I’m glad there is something you can take away from the project.

Yes, you are right! I thought it would highlight the difference when comparing the same against other years

Regarding the code efficiency, I did this in the second iteration. In the first iteration of the project, the same code was repeated multiple times and I realized it was hard to incorporate certain ideas as you had to repeat the changes for each plot.

Thank you for pointing out the repetition of above. I failed to see it earlier! Good catch. :eyes:

You are doing great work with your reviews and your projects… Keep it going!! :rocket:

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It did highlight the difference :+1:. I learned a lot reviewing your work. Thank you for the kind words on my projects too. I am happy to learn here and get better and better. Ill keep the attitude going :rocket: