Guided Project: Analysis of the Westbound Traffic on the I-94

Goodday Everyone,

I just finished my guided project on I-94 dataset. I am really pleased that I am enjoying this experience and making such tremendous progress. Please find the notebook file here:
Guided_Project_Analysis of the Westbound Traffic on the I-94.ipynb (321.6 KB)
Your comments would be highly appreciated.


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Hi Patricia,

Great project, I enjoyed reviewing it. Some constructive feedback:

  • Check your chart titles on the night v day freq charts. Improving the x-axis would also make them easier to understand.
  • Ensure to work around the errors you are getting with .copy() and the use of .loc.
  • Check your conclusions - you mention that traffic is drastically lower in cold months, but the y-axis window magnifies perceived variation. Overall ok, just a commentary on descriptive language use and caution around axis limits influencing that.
  • A question for further exploration: Do you think that poor weather has more influence during working hours vs non? Or weekdays vs weekends?

Overall a very well put together project with clean informative plots, a good structure, and sound conclusions. Well done!

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