Guided Project - Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL (Jupyter Notebook)

I have completed my first SQL Project. I have taken an extra edge and calculated few more statistics . I have made this project viewer-friendly and also put the necessary text to highlight the analysis. Any suggestion is truly welcome.

Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.ipynb (104.1 KB)

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Hello @adityamodi1113! Thanks for sharing your project:)

Here is my feedback:

  • Well done on commenting your results
  • It’s good that you split your project into sections, although I’d give them more attractive titles to make the reader continue the reading.
  • You may want to provide additional information about some countries you mention (like Pitcairn islands).
  • You should better motivate your choices like why you excluded “World” when searching for the most populous country. It’s logically clear but why not mention it?
  • I’m not sure what Cr in 136.74 Cr means. Why didn’t you write just the number?
  • Limit the length of lists, it will improve the readability
  • British Indian Ocean Territory has highest water-land area ratio. Well yes, but why the ratio is so high? You can check it up in the web and explain this high value to the readers!
  • Among top 5 country with highest population area ration there is only one country which has higher death rate than birth rate i.e, Monaco. Where did you show this data? I found this sentence in the section Which countries have the highest population/area ratio, and how does it compare to list we found in the previous screen?.
  • You can write the conclusions to summarize you finding and the most interesting results.

Happy coding:)

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