Guided Project (Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL): Unable to connect Jupyter Notebook to the Dataset

On one of the guided projects for learning SQL (Analyzing CIA Factbook Data), one of the first steps was to implement this specific code block into Jupyter Notebook:

%load_ext sql
%sql sqlite:///factbook.db

And assuming that everything was done correctly, the output of the cell should be:
‘Connected: None@factbook.db’, notifying that Jupyter Notebook has connected with the dataset. The issue I’m having is that although everything works fine in the Jupyter Notebook interface that comes with DQ when working on the project, it appears that the cell doesn’t produce that output when I try to work locally on Anaconda. Instead, there is no output at all when I run that cell. I was wondering if I could get some help on this issue.

hi, @jbSmallWorld10

In order to use magic functions related to SQL locally. You need to install the extension beforehand.

!pip install ipython-sql

Hi @moriturus7,

I believe that I installed the extension before running the cell block shown at the top of my original post. As instructed by the guided project, I typed and ran !conda install -yc conda-forge ipython-sql
first. But I also went ahead and installed !pip install ipython-sql, just in case it would make a difference. Even then, I was still unable to connect Jupyter to the database. Do you know if there could be other issues involved?

Hi. @jbSmallWorld10

Perhaps there are some error notifications that you receive? I will need more information, as I have no other idea why it might not be working yet. Maybe the database file is in a different directory, or something else.

Regards, Max