Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data using SQL with Jupyter Notebook

My+first+sql+project_sayomi.ipynb (48.9 KB)

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Hello @AdeneganOluwafeyisay, welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing your work. Your project looks amazing. It would be nice if you:

  1. Add project title
  2. Provide the project goal
  3. Some documentation on what you are doing

You can refer to these posts:

Wishing you all the best!

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Hey @AdeneganOluwafeyisay

Welcome to DQ community :tada: Overall your Project is good, however I believe you can still improve it.

As most of the points are already covered by @info.victoromondi. I have very few points which I’ll add here -

  • A picture can speak 100 words so adding some visuals will definitely grab the attention and simply the process in project.

  • Its good to look at other people project to get some idea how they have done which will give you some insights so that you can integrate them in your own style.

Thank you for sharing this with community.


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