Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL - Xy


It’s been a long time since I shared my guided projects and this one was fun! :laughing:

CIA_Factbook_Countries.ipynb (58.0 KB)

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Thank you and happy new year!

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Hi @bounski,

Thanks for sharing your amazing project with the Community! It looks so unusial and eye-catching, like a interesting blog post about the countries around the world! I liked plenty of things in your project: attractive title, cover image, other cool pictures, both funny and informative (like the one about the types of “waters”), mentioning the year when the factbook was issued, your curiousity about your own country’s statistics, good usage of aliases for the columns, very original and even humorous storytelling style, which definitely makes your project different and sparks interest. And yes, Antarctica and Pitcairn are also on my bucket list! :grinning:

Now some “boring” suggestions from my side, hopefully useful anyway :yum:

  • A good practice is to re-run the whole project when it’s already completed, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • It’s better to use “we” throughout the project rather than “I”.
  • The code cell [20]: you should exclude also Antarctica and European Union.
  • The code cell [153]: you can divide long code lines in 2 or more lines for better readability.
  • The code cell [129]: it’s enough to cast into float or only numerator, or only denominator, not necessarily both of them. This will make the code cleaner.
  • You might find helpful this SQL style guide, especially the section “Spaces” (so-called “rivers”).

Once again, great job, congratulations! Hope to see more projects from you soon! :star2:

P.S. I added your notebook to nbviewer for easier access.

Hi Elena,

Thank you for the valuable feedback and suggestions! I will definitely check out the SQL style guide, and yes, I totally forgot to re-run my codes :joy:

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Hi @bounski

Thank you for sharing your project. I am trying to explore the dataset, however it seems that CIA has removed it from their site. Could you please send me your dataset? my email is [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you =)

Thank you so much!

Hi @bounski
Thanks for sharing the project on Analyzing CIA Factbook. I found all your steps just interesting , the introduction, the explanations, the conclusion all are so informative and thumbs up buddy! Just as mentioned above, your presentation is so unique and I can guarantee you that non of the persons that will have a chance going through your project will get bored, the explanations are full of humor and just feel like getting to them over and over again. Digging deeper into person’s country of residence(the region where the person working on such project come from) is best idea indeed and thanks for this kind of exposer.
Otherwise all is well and mine is just to congratulate you for the good work.
Happy learning.

Hi, I’m using the dataset provided in the Guided Project, so I’m currently don’t have the dataset with me. Probably you could download it directly from the Guided Project mission page? Let me know if it works for you!

Hi @brayanopiyo18,

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words!

Haha yeah data science projects could be tedious and serious, but since I’m doing this purely for fun I figure that I need to entertain myself while doing it :joy: I’m so happy if people don’t get bored and had fun reading my projects!

I also tried to relate the guided projects to my personal life, this really helps me to grow more curiosity and not giving up because I’m analyzing things that matter to me :smiley:

Thank you again and happy learning too!