Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data - Using SQL

Hello, I would love and appreciate feedback on the queries as well as the storytelling/markdown comments.

Link to last mission screen:

ipynb file:

CIA_factbook_sql.ipynb (47.0 KB)

Thank you…

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hello @ayoaderonmu12,

well done, thank you for sharing your guided project. I’m a beginner as well but hope I could contribute in a positive way to the community.

I found your project and mark down comments to be well organised. I actually learnt a couple of things, your approach to calculating the population density is different from the guided solution so I did a quick google search to find that your method is actually being used on several other websites such as Wikipedia which is interesting to note.

It is also great that you went ahead to explore the added tasks at the end of the mission and made your own analyses from them.

Once again, great effort! :blush: :clap:


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Thanks a lot for your contribution :blush: