Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data

Hi everyone!

I would like some feedback on my guided project where I used SQL to analyze CIA factbook data. I’m looking for feedback and thoughts on any additional information I should include and overall structure.

Guided Project: CIA Factbook

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Hey @daniellebrantley5

Project link is not accessible. I think it is good to follow these guidelines while sharing the guided project in the community, this will definitely help you to receive the constructive feedback from reviewers.

Thanks for understanding.


Thanks @prasadkalyan05,

Sorry about that! I put the in wrong link, it’s been fixed.

Hey @daniellebrantley5

I looked at your project and I think there is a scope of improvement. Below are some points you can look and work on them.

  • From SQL code stand point everything looks fine but I think it’s good to add details like Introduction, Goal, Findings & Conclusions in your project so that reviewers can quickly understand what did you do and what you have accomplished in it.

  • A picture can speak 100 words so adding some visuals will definitely grab the attention and simply the process in project.

  • Lastly it’s good to look at other people project to get some idea how they have done which will give you some insights so that you can integrate them in your own style.

Thanks for sharing this with community.