GUIDED PROJECT:Analyzing CIA World Factbook

Hello Everyone,it has been a good experience seeing myself through in analyzing data using SQL in jupyter notebook.At first, thought like interacting with a lot of complications ,since it’s my first time to work with SQL.Fortunately that wasn’t the case,the guidelines offered in this platform by DataQuest level down the complications. So please guys,I will appreciate if you have a look at my project. I as well welcome all suggestions and where I should improve at.

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Hi @brayanopiyo18,

Congratulations on finishing your project!
Here are some suggestions from me, which I hope will be helpful:

  • The markdown explanations of the intermediate results, as well as the introductional part and the conclusion, could be more verbose about the features observed, while avoiding some technical details (like those at the beginning, about connecting to the database or about using LIMIT).
  • It’s better to exclude also Antarctica from the summary statistics, as well as the row for the whole world. Well, ideally you should exclude also the row for European Union that is present in the table.
  • I would recommend you to use ROUND with the summary statistics to avoid all those decimals.
  • Be careful not to make typos, especially in the subheadings.
  • Please delete the last empty code cell.
  • Finally, I would suggest you to expand your data analysis. For this purpose, you can use the suggestions from the last screen of the DQ mission. For example, exploring the area, area_land, area_water, and their relationships is a good idea: finding the biggest and the smallest countries, those biggest/smallest in terms of the proportion of the inner waters, those with 0 area_water, etc.

I hope my ideas were useful. Happy coding! :blush:

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Hi @Elena_Kosourova
Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I am in a process of updating my projects regarding the clarification you have provided. And once completed I’ll upload the work again. Thanks once more for the concern.

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