Guided Project: Analyzing Forest Fire Data Using R

I am sharing my project, Guided Project: Analyzing Forest Fire Data Using R. I would like to get your thoughts on it. Any feedback would be awesome!


Nice job, @daniellebrantley5!
Couple of things to consider for the future, with your permission…

  1. There are two sections with identical graphs (“Fires by the day of the week”) without any explanation and with similar titles. So the one, reading your analytical report may only guess that they are per day of a week. And I know how it is boring :wink: but at least one short line with your analytical finding about each particular graph will be very helpful.
  2. Conclusion? What did we learn from this analysis? What are further recommendations or course of action?

PS. I like your the colors of the graphs too :wink:


Thanks @ranklord. I updated my project at the same link with your suggestions.

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