Guided Project: Analyzing NYC High School Data Extra Steps

Hi dataquesters: I’m trying to gather a dataset of New York City’s average property values by neighborhood. I’d like to rank each neighborhood by how expensive it is. So far I have found prices of individual properties but that doesn’t give me the value of the whole neighborhood. The extra steps of this challenge requires that I identify the best high schools according to how inexpensive the neighborhood that it belongs to is.

What would you recommend? Please help.

Hey there!

If you have location data on the property data points, you can set up geofencing like you did in Step 2 of this Guided Project by merging it with location data for neighborhood bounding lines. THis seems like it would be what you’re looking for:

Thanks dustinq, I already got the neighborhood names and I got each school’s neighborhood, but your solution seems much better. The problem that I’m having is on getting the expensiveness of each neighborhood. Should I get a value of all properties in each neighborhood and estimate an average, or is there a dataset with that value somewhere? Thanks for your answer, good day!

I think this is definitely the way to go — you can assign properties to a neighborhood code based on it’s geographical location, then average it out.

With that said, if you can find a dataset, that could save you some trouble — I’m not seeing any that are easily accessible though.