Guided Project__Analyzing NYC High School Data

Hi everybody,

Here is my another guided project, and this is already the second time when I’m trying to share it. The first time I found a couple of issues in it, influencing also my way of thinking and, hence, my conclusions. Now everything is fixed and looks consistent, unless you find some other issues :grinning:

I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback. If you have any suggestions about how to improve my code, style, storytelling, visualizations, what can be added/removed, maybe you agree/disagree with my conclusions - please let me know.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. If you, like myself, were having difficulties with installing Basemap, here is a very helpful solution from @danhthenguyen_nt

Analyzing NYC High School Data.ipynb (1.2 MB)

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Hello @Elena_Kosourova! Overall your project is nice and very structured. I liked that you included a summary of the results in the beginning.

Here is the feedback:

  • It the summary he district with the highest SAT score has the highest safety… which district do you mean?
  • Well done on commenting on your code!
  • You can use a lambda function instead of defining the pad_csd function. And the same for the get_first_two_chars function. It’s easier.
  • You can define a function that creates a common style for all your plots (like font sizes for titles and lables or transparency level) and just call it whenever you need to respect the Do not repeat yourself rule; it will make your code much cleaner.
  • You can despine your plots to remove the clutter and align the title with the x labels: but it’s your choice, the plots are still nice and informative.
  • On the plot SAT vs. Female percentage the dashed line is not very distinguishable where there are many points.
  • Well done on noticing anomalous correlations due to the NaN values fill-in :smile:
  • Overall your analysis is great, it’s very precise and professional although your conclusion could have been a bit more descriptive, it seems a summary rather than a complete conclusion!

I would say that you project can compete for the best shared project this week! Well done :slight_smile:

Happy coding :blush:

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Hi @artur.sannikov96 ,

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback and constructive comments! Everything is very helpful and to the point, so I will introduce all your suggestions in the final version of my project, and, of course, will keep in mind also for future projects.

About aligning the title with the x labels, could you please explain me better what do you mean? I am not sure if I understand correctly.

About the first comment, well, it was that district in Brooklyn with very high values (practically, the maximum) of both safety&respect and SAT score. It looks anomalous on both maps, especially considering the other districts of that borough. I don’t know why I was so impressed with this district, up to mentioning it in my conclusions! :smiley:

Thanks again and happy coding! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Elena_Kosourova! You can find an example of alignment here in my comment.

I noticed that you were impressed with that district and I just thought it could be useful if you wrote its number so the reader can search for it on Google if they are interested.

Happy coding :blush:

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Thanks a lot @artur.sannikov96 for your further suggestions, I’ll go now to check your post about alignment.
I found the number of my favourite district in Brooklyn, it’s 22 :blush: I’ll include it in final version of my project for GitHub.

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