Guided Project: Answering Business Questions using SQL - My First Project for Peer-Review

Dear Dataquest community,

This is the very first project I publish on this platform. I would be enormously grateful if you could find a couple of minutes to look through it. Your feedback will be of great value to me, as it is the only way to improve my work!

Many thanks for your help!

Answering Business Questions using SQL.ipynb (3.6 MB)

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Hi Ruslan,

Thank you for sharing your first project with the Community! It looks awsome, by the way! :star_struck: Perfect project structure, amazing storytelling, interesting observations, good usage of emphasizing where necessary, great idea in general to visualize the results with the plots, moreover using Plotly for these purposes. Also, it was a curious idea to explore the results of other employees, not only the sales support agents. Well, their involvment in sales came out to be 0, but the approach itself is interesting and reasonable anyway.

Below are some suggestions for your consideration:

  • Probably, it’s better to expand both the introduction and especially the conclusion, and to list what questions we are going to explore and what insights we got. Of course, this is just a DQ guided project for studying, but doing it you were curious about the data and potential insights anyway, and indeed, you did a great job. So no reason to be shy, you should describe in the introduction your goals apart from studying and in the conclusion - the obtained results.
  • About SQL queries, you can find useful this SQL style guide, especially take a look at the section “Spaces” (about so-called “rivers”).
  • It’s better to use “we” than “I” in a project, and especially avoid the passive voice, according to yet another cool guide.

Hope it was useful. Good luck with your future projects and keep up this high level!