Guided Project: Answering Business Questions Using SQL PLUS Exploring Additional Questions

Here is my take on the guided project for this mission. I have learned a lot from looking at other people’s projects, so I’d like to share my own work as well.

I had a hard time on the Albums vs. Individual Tracks (section 6), and ended up using a different approach than the solution. There are a lot of forum discussions on this (including [here])(Clarification on the CTE - Answering Business Questions using SQL) and I know that reading a variety of approaches to this problem helped my deepen my understanding of SQL.

Once I got going on this project, it was hard for me to stop… so I investigated more questions, including:

  • Which artist is used most in playlists?
  • How many tracks have been purchased vs. not purchased?
  • What tracks, albums, and artists are most popular?
  • Is the range of tracks in the store reflective of their sales popularity? Are there any under valued genres to expand in, or genres to cut back Chinook’s offerings?
  • Do protected vs. non-protective formats impact sales?

Check out my project:
Chinook Record Store Database Analysis - Answering Business Questions with SQL.ipynb (62.7 KB)

I welcome any feedback!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello, first of all, great job! There are a few points I’d like you to add, which are:

  • You should state that chinook is a fictional store.
  • You can include the database schema for better readability.
  • “The genres of the potential new artists are Hip Hop, Punk, Pop, and Blues” you can include this sentence in the markdown cell before the query.
  • I think Albums vs Individual Tracks headline deserves a markdown to explain why we’re doing this comparison and what we’re comparing before the query.
  • Under the headline “What tracks, albums, and artists are the most popular?”, there is an error that says: (sqlite3.OperationalError) table track_info already exists) It’s in the second cell after the headline.
  • “How this project helped me grow my skills” part is a good idea.

Keep the good work up! You can check mine out from here if you wish, your work outshines mine greatly, though. :sweat_smile: :relaxed:


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It is a nice work. You performed well.

Hi Dilara,
Thanks so much for this actionable and kind feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to do a thorough review, and giving me some clear, specific pointers to edit. Do you have any specific projects you’d like feedback on?

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I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for offering help back, that’s so kind of you. I could actually use some feedback on the latest project I’ve completed, you can find my post requesting feedback here.