Guided Project Answering Business Questions w/ SQL


Okay, I haven’t been uploading guided projects because I figured most of our answers were going to be pretty close to the same, if not the same. However, I struggled with this one off an on for a week, and I’m pretty happy to have it done. I took a little detour in the middle of the project, digging into the Support Agent performances. I also commented in some of my thought process which includes a couple false starts before I got the code working the way I wanted.

I’m hoping that my work will help someone else out on their journey, because I know that a lot of other peoples’ work has been helping me along on mine.


Answering Business Questions with SQL.ipynb (218.7 KB)

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Hi @ChrisMatsuoka

Thanks for this GP share.

It made me double-check my own results/ conclusions. I guess I didn’t take into account the 1/5th of the total revenue part for album purchase query. lesson learned. Thanks. :slight_smile: