Guided Project - Answering Business Questions

Basics.ipynb (16.2 KB)
Hello everyone,
I just completed a guided project.
Please shoot your review and changes that I can make to make it more descriptive and despicable.

Thank You

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hey @parthpatel9414

thank you for sharing your project with DQ.

first and foremost, the SQL query formats, except a couple of places is on point. Uppercase for clauses and lowercase for table/ column names. :smile:

the headers help to define the context of each query segment. so that’s okay too.

However, the project seriously lacks an intro - simple context of what’s the actual purpose of the project. (2-3 lines would be enough too)

On the technical front, how did you arrive at the sales % figures? we see the total sales, we don’t see the proportion? :thinking: :thought_balloon:
That query could have been an additional work (highlight) for the project!

Thank @Rucha, I will work on the area of the project that you pointed out for me.
for the percentage I just used sell by each representative divided by total sell.

Thank You once again.

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