Guided Project: App profiles for the App Store and Google Play

Regarding the ask in step 12/14, and the rating for the app in the App Store: isn’t it better to compute a weighted average? Example:

  • an app could have 2 ratings, with a rating average of 5,
  • another app could have 2,000 ratings, with a rating average of 4.8.
    The 4.8 is obviously much more “serious” because of the number of rating, isn’t it?

Hello @fred.meunier, welcome to the community!

I totally agree with you that the weighted average provides a more reliable information, but it is also harder to explain the concept and the code for those with no programming or statistical background, and Dataquest is meant to be accessible for everyone.

I might be wrong now, but I don’t think that during this first course it is even taught anything about weighted average, so it makes no sense to ask the student to calculate it by himself in the guided project.

However, if you feel comfortable working with the weighted average and writing the code to calculate it, then I strongly encourage you to do it in your guided project as this will make your portfolio even better. The guided projects provide you a direction to follow, but is always good to implement different analysis and technics on your own.

Hope this can be helpful.