Guided Project :App Profitabiliity for iOS and Android Markets

Hello everyone. This is my first data project. I learned a lot of things about python so I am excited to take the next course. My recommendation is different than the example because I wanted to give another point of view.
You can help me in getting better at this by providing a feedback on my project.

Profitable App.ipynb (67.0 KB)

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Hi @walterjose.plt!

Welcome to the world of python! Glad to have you here. Congratulations on Project numero uno!

I really liked the overall use of comments for better clarity and readability, adequate use of markdown (with hyperlinks!). I absolutely love how you went the extra step to do the analysis by yourself and deduce your own insights from them. I think the conclusion part is really impressive.

For some constructive feedback, I have two points I would like to mention.

One suggestion would be : Sometimes while writing code you would want to avoid printing walls of data as a reader it sometimes breaks the flow between me and the code. I usually go along taking the top 10-20 into account which usually does the trick.

And the other suggestion would be: Markdown writing can get tricky some times. A few things I have learnt over using it have been:

  1. Hitting enter once doesn’t put a line break in markdowns. You would need to hit enter twice. Otherwise it would seem clustered.

  2. Sometimes while explaining the code in markdowns, the using a backtick ( ` ) might be more in-line than using Italics and bold. (It automatically highlights the part that you wish to use, which is useful when you are talking about functions, variable names, objects or classes in your code). This would essentially help you bifurcate between, say, column names and other highlights from the code-related jargon that you wish to use.

On the whole, great project. Congrats and looking forward to seeing more projects from you!

Happy learning! :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate your comments. They have been very useful and I will put your suggestions into practice. Thank you so much @swar.joshi


Very clean and neat explanations in Markdowns. Something I should learn!

I like that the goal is stated clearly and you have provided an interesting conclusion. In general, good work!

I agree with @swar.joshi. You can truncate your list of apps using an if statement and you can add some explanation through your code through inline comments with this style guide provided by DataQuest at the end of every guided projects.

Having an introduction and clear goal is a must, just like you did in your conclusion. You can boost up your explanation by also learning about Markdown Language that DataQuest also provides. This will enable you to explain your findings further.

Congrats on your project!