Guided project Apps store

Hello , sharing my guided project on Apps store .
Guided project Apps store code.ipynb (8.2 KB)

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Hi @mohdamir9848!

Thanks for sharing:)

What I liked:

  • Your project has a title
  • You explain what you do in each code block
  • Your variables have intuitive names (like sorted_table, it’s important for understanding)
  • Technically, you code if fine

What can be improved:

  • Run you code so we can see the result before uploading it
  • Give you project subheading, intro and conclusions, so we can understand what are the project’s objectives and results
  • Improve the code’s style. You may follow the PEP-8 guidelines
  • Give an explanation to each of your results
  • Improve the project’s style. You can follow this guide