Guided Project - Basic Python

Here’s my first guided project for the Python Data Science Track. I’m new to all of this, so I followed the solution notebook pretty closely. I’m looking forward to any and all feedback. I’d like to explore this as a career so any professional feedback is especially appreciated.

Py Basics Guided Project.ipynb (56.4 KB)


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Congratulations on your first guided project. :tada: Coding part is good. I would like to suggest two things that you add details in your project by explaining each and every steps in order to make more comprehensible to the third reader. Also, work on markdown styling.

This might take you a while to incorporate. I am also still working on these aspects. :sweat_smile: It just gets better with more exposure and projects we do. Great going buddy.

Thank you for your feedback. I was wondering how in-depth the comments needed to go when I did this, so I will assume a third party reader going forward. I knew when I posted this the markdown styling needed work. Markdown is very new to me, so I’m hoping it gets better with practice like you said.

I really appreciate you taking the time to look over my work and offering me a couple things to focus on a little more as I progress.

Thanks Again.

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