Guided project (basics for python)

I am looking forward to seeing feedback on how I applied the basic functions of python language and also how I narrated the codes that I applied in my Jupyter notebook. This is my first project and I couldn’t be any happier in submitted it.

Basics.ipynb (53.9 KB)

Hi! I’m Veronica. I am just finishing up my first course on Dataquest as well, so I was looking forward to reviewing your project. When I click on the link though, it just opens up my course. I found this info on sharing projects: Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community

Can you try this and then I can take a look?


Hi to Veronica, thank you for letting me know. Let me try to fix it.


I can see that you have downloaded the Basics.ipynb on your computer. You just need to upload that file using the ‘Upload’ button which you can see on top of the form.

So you just need to click ‘edit’ on this post, and upload the file here. Hope that helps.

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Thank you, I have tried to edit it. However, I still haven’t gotten the preview link :thinking:

It may be something caching related — try popping the forum open in an incognito window to see if that helps.

Yes, preview isn’t available yet. I have downloaded your notebook and gone through it. It looks good. The conclusion of creating apps in social networking and communication is an interesting one. The code and markup are used nicely. My only suggestion would be to have more fun with the data and experiment with the analysis of more categories. Last week I had some fun with project. Anyway congratulations on finishing your first project.


Thank you for feedback. I really do appreciate it.

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