Guided project. Best markets to advertise in. Alternative opinion

Hi, I’ve finally decided to exit from the shade and share my project with others. I’ve read a couple of topics and the solution page and found out some flaws in cleaning process. I tried to illustrate it in my project.

I would be very pleased for any feedback.

I’m not sure I understand the proper way of sharing projects so please tell if something wrong

Best markets to invest_GP.ipynb (248.2 KB)

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Nice one, I wonder if we can prove the idea that we should be going after markets with Null values. (no competition, and growth potential). I wonder how the data would look if we’d :

  • check the mean of age value for rows with null values,

  • then maybe they’re just young people, who will start spending money in a few years.?

I’ve checked median of monthly expenses and it goes up till 45-55 years (thats the bin I’ve set up) Scrap that, monthly_money mode goes down from early 20’s for the whole dataset