Guided Project_Build Spam Filter with Naive Bayes

Hi All,

I’m happy to share my project on “Build a SMS spam filter with Naive Bayes”.

The first part of the project pretty much follows instructions from the guides. After that, I revised the project (you can skip to Revision 1 section) to take special characters and upper case into account. At the end, I also try to use built-in sklearn Naive Bayes package such as: MultinomialNB, GaussianNB, ComplementNB to check if the results got from sklearn match with out implementation-from-scratch.

I appreciate any feedback!.

Build a SMS spam filter with Naive Bayes Algorithm.ipynb (872.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Wow, really nice work!
Nicely presented and especially the comparison to the sklearn implementation is a really good idea!

Thanks so much gunnar!