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GUIDED PROJECT: : Building App Profiles (App Store and Google Play) for Market Profitability

I would appreciate your review of my first project and i will be glad to get a feed back to help me improve more.


Guided Project- Profitable Andriod - IOS Apps.ipynb (68.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Congratulations on your first project. :tada:

Do work a little bit of your markdown styling and in next project do explain your conclusion little more details. Rest, in the coding part I don’t see any problemo. :smile:

Best luck go ahead with your studies.

Hey there,

Congratulations on finishing your first guided project. I also finished a couple of days ago.

I had a quick check on your code. It looks good. Like pablajaspreet94 said, maybe you should look into adding more descriptions along with the code. In the instructions also, they ask us to add conclusion etc using the markdown cells. So in the next project you can try that along with the code.

Also in the code I found a small error, which I have also done a few times.

It is with printing in the new line.
print ('\n')
This command will print a new line. Even I used to use forward-slash(/) , and end up getting a wrong output. The reverse slash is the correct symbol to use to print special characters.

Other than that, great attempt In completing your first big project here.

thanks alot i really do appreciate. i will do as you said. :blush:

ooh thanks alot. i really do appreciate. i will do as your stated. :smile:

are you saying
print(’/n’) is the right command?

but i used print(’\n’) in my codes and didnt get errors

I was saying print(’\n’) is right.

Even if you type print(’/n’) it wouldn’t give an error. It will just output /n on the screen. Did I make it clear?

yes. i understand you better now.

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It seems like you’ve edited your post and the generated link for your project is now gone.

yes i did edit it but later deleted it. i have posted another.

Added the nbviewer link

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