Guided Project: CIA Factbook and "Mutiny on The Bounty" Island via SQL

Open to receive all feedback.

Analyze+CIA+Factbook+Data.ipynb (871.5 KB)

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Hello @sbgraham72! Thanks for sharing:)

You have an excellent project!

What I liked:

  • Very concise and detailed explanation of every step
  • Very detailed code comments
  • Images!
  • Excellent data analysis
  • Incredible background research: a phenomenal job! Very interesting discussion about the legitimacy of water-to-land ratios

What can be improved…
The project is excellent so I would say that you may want to headings “Observations” more descriptive and catchy (?). Also, try to wrap up your findings better in the conclusions and maybe write the questions you want to answer in the beginning:)

Happy coding:)

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Thank you Artur for your feedback! Much appreciated that you took your personal time to check over my project!
I like to know where I can improve.

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