Guided Project - Clean & Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi yall, I did this guided project a while back and thought that I should share what I’ve done. Have always been a bit blind doing the project so I’d love any feedback on whether the way I’ve gone about coding the solution makes sense.

EmployeeSurveyGuidedProject.ipynb (157.5 KB)

Thanks and have a good week ahead :blush:

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Hello @riokorb14! Thanks for sharing.

Here some observations:

  • The title is very long, try to shorten it
  • Divide the project into sections (at least introduction and conclusions should be present)
  • Explain better the data you’re dealing with
  • Add a title and axes labels to your plot
  • Avoid the SettingWithCopyWarning, it may cause problem. You can read more about it here

Here you can read more about how to improve your project.

Happy coding!


Hello there! Thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile:

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