Guided Project: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys (part 8)

Hi, anyone here has finished guided project: clean and analyze employee exit surveys (part 8). I am a little bit confused, when the instruction said:

  • Add a column named institute to dete_resignations_up . Each row should contain the value DETE .
  • Add a column named institute to tafe_resignations_up . Each row should contain the value TAFE .

is the syntax is like this?:

  • for DETE: dete_resignations_up[‘institute’] = dete_resignations
  • for TAFE: tafe_ressignations_up[‘institute’] = tafe_resignations

thank you

Hi! You’re almost there. When you create the new institute column, whatever value you put on the other side of the equals sign is what will be filled in in every row of that column. In this project it’s going to act like a tag for the data so the source can be located after it’s combined. In your example, it will attempt to add whatever is in the dete_resignations / tafe_resignations variables. Instead, you’ll want to have it equal to a string ('DETE' and 'TAFE').

dete_resignations_up['institute'] = 'DETE'
tafe_resignations_up['institute'] = 'TAFE'

Hi April,

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: It was a silly question tho, cause I was in lack of concentration. But again, thank you for your time answering my question.

Not a silly question! We’re all learning this together. Better to ask than stare into the void and be frustrated. :slightly_smiling_face: Happy coding!

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