Guided Project_Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi everyone,

Here is my 6th project with DQ. This time I used a lot Google and StackOverflow, and found there some elegant solutions for my code. The only thing that I didn’t manage to resolve is how to change the font size exactly of the title of plots, when we use df.plot() method. It seems that it’s possible only when we create a figure, but for me it looks strange that such a simple task is impossible to do with df.plot(). Does anybody have any idea how to do it?

This time the results surprised me once again. I was expecting just the opposite: that people who left the institute after a short period of working were more dissatisfied. And yes, it seems that the DETE institute has to do something to improve their working conditions.

As usual, any of your comments are very valuable for me. For example, I would like to know other approaches to deal with missing values in this case. For now, my approach seems perfect to me :smiley: But of course, I would like to hear other opinions, probably there’s a better way to cope with them.

Any other feedbacks – about how to improve my code, probably some discrepancies, the project’s style and structure – are also very welcome.

Many thanks in advance!

Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (323.6 KB)

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Hello @Elena_Kosourova, thanks for sharing your work.

This is great news, continue impacting the community. Doing a project while researching is very important, you get more resources to make your project more informative.

No problem with this. Just don’t pass the name of the title in the title argument of the df.plot. Use the plt.title function. You can check more text properties to Apply here

plt.title('This is where you place the title of the plot', fontsize=30)

Your project looks amazing. Continue doing the amazing work and impacting the community.

Happy Learning!


Hi @info.victoromondi,

Thanks a lot for you positive feedback and for a good advice! It seems so easy, but it didn’t come to my mind and I even didn’t find this suggestion on Google. Now I returned to my project and updated it, the titles look much better now.

Thanks again and happy coding!

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Hi Elena,

Very good project indeed, really the only think i can say it is in some charts you use the word Fracton instead of Fraction! Looking for misspelling means that you 've done great job!


Hi @nikdimi,

Thanks a lot for findig that, I’ll fix it. Unfortunately, usually people feel shy to point out typos and errors but I’d rather prefer they do so, in this way I can correct my project and make it better. So thank you again that you help improving my project, I am quite a perfectionist and for me it matters.