Guided Project: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys!

Hi All,

Please see below my guided project on employee exit surveys. Definitely the hardest so far and the one which took me the longest so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!

Analyze_Employee_Exit_Surveys.ipynb (191.0 KB)

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Hi @jmerrell247 Congratulations for having completing the guided project on cleaning and analyzing employees exit surveys.

Definitely the hardest so far and the one which took me the longest

Very true this one of the complicated projects ever interacted with. Having said that, have got few suggestions to make;

  • you have repeatedly imported numpy libraries that is in cell[24] and cell[34].if you check cell[1], the numpy libraries were imported and that was all no need again to import the libraries it’s a kind of repetition, take note on that please.
  • The introduction is okay, but to me , I think adding a link to the datasets you have used is always important. I’ll will therefore encourage you to add the links of the datasets you will be using afterwards.
  • please check on cell [6],it’s not that clear more so the comment part. Just to mention na_values parameter helps you to read the not stated values as NaN.

Otherwise to me, everything looks good and am wishing you happy learning!

Hi @jmerrell247
Indeed it was one of the hardest guided project up untill this point. It took a lot of time for me too to finish. Congratulations on finishing it and doing a great job with this project.

Your project looks great. Some of the points that needs attention have been mentioned above. I feel that it will be a good idea to give a reason why we are dropping all those columns in the markdown cell.

Anyway, you have done a great job. Keep up the good work. Happy learning.


Thanks both for the kind words and advice. I have taken your tips on board with my latest guided project. Much appreciated.