Guided Project_ Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi guys,

I appreciate any type of feedback. I tried to work on the aesthetics according to the project style guide article on the blog. Hopefully my storytelling is easy to follow.

Thank you!

Guided Project_ Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (273.1 KB)

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Hi @edulopa0787

Thanks for sharing your project on Cleaning and Analyzing Employee Exit survey. Have gone through your work which is very okay and well presented. The introduction has got recommendable information, the use of comments is so involving, the explanations given in the markdown cell , the conclusion , are so informing . Thumbs up mate for the good work. Just a suggestion, be very careful with typos, though have’t interacted with many , there is one I noticed in the explanations given in cell[133], I think the intention was to type ‘extract’ and not ‘extra’. Also consider deleting the last empty code cell, Otherwise , to me everything are okay and just congratulating you for the good presentation. All the best in your upcoming projects.
Happy learning!

@brayanopiyo18 thank you! Appreciate your feedback.