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Guided Project Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hello DQ community,

Sharing with you guys my 6th project. This one was a struggle but I managed to pull through. Need to work on my storytelling more. Any feedback would be deeply appreciated! Thanx!!


Guided Project Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (164.7 KB)

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I am go through your project.
In your project there are many SettingWithCopyWarning warning. Below article may help you to fixed the project. Overall Excellent work. Keep it up. :fire: :fire:

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I think this logic needs to revisited.

def stage_map (val):
    if (pd.isnull(val)):
        return np.nan
    elif val < 3:
        return 'New'
    elif val >= 3 and val < 6:
        return 'Experienced'
    elif val >= 7 and val < 10:
        return 'Established'
        return 'Veteran'

For experienced, it should <=6 instead of 6 due to which its incorrectly inflating the counts of Veterans.
Same with established, it should be <= 10.