Guided Project Cleaning and Analysing Employee Exit Surveys

I completed this guided project a long while after completing the content- I wouldn’t recommend this as I found it tough! Although it was really useful to revise the concepts and commands again.

Please have a look at my solution file and let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!
notebook.ipynb (1.3 MB)

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Hi @nawaazramjanee! Thanks for sharing the project with the Community. I appreciated your clear project structure, an excellent summary of the results, and hypotheses about possible reasons behind the findings This is true that younger specialists tend to stick to their current workplace to gain as much experience as possible in order to have better opportunities and less stress when switching jobs. However, they also seem to be less dissatisfied with the job so they still may switch jobs quickly but not due to some kind of dissatisfaction in contrast to more mature employees. Also well done on Recommendations and Limitations recognition.

A special shoutout to the good-looking figures :slight_smile:

A few notes from my side:

  • Already in the beginning you decided which information you want to use for the project (maybe you’ve done some preliminary work), so you may say that you’re going to work only with that data and will not include it in the project. Thus, it’s not necessary (from my point of view) to describe() every single column
  • That’s great that you’re using docstrings to explain what functions do. You can refer to this tutorial to improve their style
  • You have some typos, use, for example, Grammarly, to deal with them
  • I am curious: which docstring style you are using in [16]?
  • It seems like you’ve tried to insert a link in “8. Identifying Dissatisfied Employees”
  • “We will categorize entries in the position column into teaching and non-teaching staff.” — why would you need it?
  • The plot Percentage of dissatisfied employees in each service category is slightly confusing on the TAFE side because the New and Experienced groups have almost the same percentages but the higher percentage is below the lower percentage. Could you order the bars?
  • “At DETE there is a considerable difference between the rates of dissatisfaction among males than females (55% vs 50%).” — I’d argue that this is not a considerable difference

Hope my comments will help you improve the project. Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Hey @nawaazramjanee

One thing I really love about your project is the “Summary of Findings” section. I think this is a really great thing to have at the front of your project. I would just recommend that you bump it right up to the front of your project so that it’s one of the first things people read. Think of it as an abstract or something like that.