Guided Project: Customers and Products Analysis Using SQL

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The project asks to count the number of “attributes”, which I presume are columns, for each table.

There is no mention in the course about counting table columns. How do you do that and how will the query look like?

It is impossible for me to move forward with the project if I don’t know how to perform certain queries.

Yes, the instruction is a bit ambiguous.

We are supposed to manually count those attributes for each table and use that number in our query. If this is confusing you, don’t hesitate to check out the solution code (the last page of the project).

You can consider providing feedback to them directly about this piece of content using the ? button in the top-right corner of the classroom. They can see how to best improve upon the phrasing to make it clearer of what is expected.

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I know this topic has been solved, but this is for anyone who gets stuck like I did the other day. Here’s how you can count the number of columns:
FROM pragma_table_info(‘table_name’)
It was tiring having to type this 8 times replacing table_name with the table names.