Guided Project: Data Analysis on Hacker News Posts: When to Ask?

This is my first project for review. Any suggestions are welcome.

Basics.ipynb (97.2 KB)

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Hello @yashyogeshshah2609! Thanks for sharing:)

Your project is nice!

Here is what I liked:

  • You have a clear introduction, which also links to the dataset and explains how it was cleaned before the analysis
  • You have comments on your code, which is an extremely helpful skill to have:)
  • You have a nice conclusion which takes into account timezones
  • You code is vertically spaced which improves the readability

What can be improved:

  • You subheadings are very technical and often state obvious things. You can collapse them in more general subheadings and make them a bit more attractive. Like, Removing Headers from a List of List is very technical and says almost nothing (you may collapse the first subheadings in just one, called, for instance, “Data Preparation”)
  • You have very long lists of posts by hour. Do you believe they are useful?
  • Not all code cells are commented (you do not have to exaggerate but in some cases, it’s useful to comment more than less)
  • Would you comment on the extra results? And leave a conclusion?

And a small suggestion: you can use the setdefault dictionary method to avoid if..else statements when building frequency tables.

Happy coding :smile:

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