Guided Project: Did Fandango's Ratings Improve?


Firstly, Its good to be back ! (Been away for awhile…)
Here goes my guided project about Investigating Fandango’s ratings. The project includes two analyses to verify if the rating system on the website has actually improved.
(PS. The answer may surprise you :wink:)

Please go through the project and comment about what you think!


Fandango.ipynb (357.6 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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@shubhkirti.prasad welcome back! Good to have you on board again. I absolutely loved going over your project. It was neat, and the plots were quite good.

Presentation Style
  • It was, without a doubt, quite easy to follow your analysis. All the explanations were neat and in its place.
  • Regarding your plots, I would recommend that you represent the means using dashed lines. The parameter linestyle set with the value dashed against the function plt.axvline should help with this.
  • You could also use ax.text() to bring out the actual mean values in your plots. It helps the reader when looking at the graph. I have noticed that you mentioned it outside
  • It is best to have the plot and its related mean have the same colour, e.g. the plot after cell [18] has the means associated to the related plot.
    Here you could set the means as a dashed line and have the plots and related means have the same colour. This would help the reader quickly understand your plot.
    The current problem is that there are multiple colours, so the only way you can tell what each plot means is through the legend.
Coding Style
  • I have not delved too far into your code. Your plots speak for the code. So just wonderful!
  • I could not find anything with this regard.
  • You’ve done a good job.

With this project, I believe you’ve done a great job. Keep going :motorway:, you are set for great things :dizzy:

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Hey @jesmaxavier ,

Thanks for your wise words and encouragement !
Your suggestions are always appreciated, and I will make sure that I work on them :grin: