Guided Project: Earnings Based on College Majors

All feedback is welcome.

Earnings+Based+on+College+Majors.ipynb (902.8 KB)

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Hello @sbgraham72!

I hope my feedback is still valuable:)

You have a nicely organized project but here are the things that can be improved:

  • You do not have to import matplotlib multiple times, one time, in the beginning, is enough
  • It’s better to tell the readers what are the main questions you’d like to answer in the project
  • It a good idea to introduce your plots and make comments below each plot otherwise it’s difficult to follow
  • Many of your plots are not necessary, they seem to be there just for the sake of it
  • You can add titles to the plots and improve their style. There is a nice article by @Elena_Kosourova that can help you make the visualizations better
  • You definitely know something about hypothesis testing, and Python has this functionality. Check the SciPy library. You can add some tests to your project:)

Happy coding :smile:

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Thank you Artur for your feedback!! It’s valuable and definitely not too late as I am continuing on the learning path!
Great suggestions! Will apply many of them.
Best regards,
Bruce Graham

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