Guided Project - EBay Car Sales Data Analysis - Review Request


I have finished my guided project. Added my own view on data analysis based on automatic or manual gearbox. Please review and would appreciate your review comments.

Thanks & Regards
Jugnu Arora

Guided Project - EBay Car Sales Data Analysis .ipynb (107.5 KB)

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@jugnu.arora ,
Sharing your project is always a good step in the right direction when it comes to data analysis.

  1. I found your introduction interesting and informative.
  2. Your data wrangling process was intentional and stepwise.
  3. Sub headings were clear and directional.
    One very noticeable missing area was code commenting. Good commenting prepares the reader’s mind on what to expect from the code below it.

I didn’t find a conclusion in your work. Are the last observations your conclusion?
In all, your work is impressive and encouraging. Keep it up.

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