Guided Project: Ebay Car Sales Data

Hello DataQuest Community

I have completed by E-bay car sales project. I would request you to review the same in your free time. Feel free to let me know your suggestions and areas I can improve.

Here is the link to E-bay Car Sales Project.ipynb (354.6 KB)


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hey @nprashanth10,

Congratulations on completing the project!

It seems like you have used a mix of different levels of headings to write some descriptions (cells in their 30s). That creates an unpleasant reading experience.

You are also printing some dictionaries and dataframes that take up a lot of space. I mean I understand how they help you see what’s happening in your code but I would suggest that you remove such print statements from the final notebook.

You can check out this Markdown cheatsheet, in case you have some confusions with how Markdown works -

Thanks Nityesh - for reviewing my project. I will make a note of your feedback and address the markdown issues.


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Thank you @nprashanth10 for gracefully taking feedback! :slight_smile: