Guided project - Ebay Car Sales Data :)

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Nice work @mrasmus5. Keep it up.

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Kudos on completing this project. This was quite detailed analysis .

In data science industry it is very important to keep code clean and presentable.

you could add few things to improve your future works.

  1. Always use Headings. : Use headings and subheadings to make your notebook more presentable.


  1. Missing value analysis : I have noticed a lot of features have NaN values.

Identifying and treating missing values is one of key steps in a data science project.

  1. Proper presentation of distributions:

instead of using



df[β€˜col’].value_counts(normalize=True).mul(100).round(2).astype(β€˜str’) + β€˜%’

Thanks a lot - I will try to go over the coding again and try to implement your feedback. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: